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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice Guys Finish Last Usually for a Reason

  • You are Not Broken
  • You have the power to reshape almost everything around you.
  • You made this mess, you can fix it. You are accountable
  • Nice Guy does not always equal Good Guy!

clip are of man with head in vice

First Things – You are NOT Broken, but Nice Guys Finish Last for Very Good Reasons

A Settled Man is a Nice Man (and why that is bad)

The behaviors of a “Nice” guy are found on the homepage, review them if you aren’t familiar.

All of these “Nice Guy” behaviors and more have made you become a Settled-Man out of survival instinct. You use passive aggression, scheming and plotting to get what you want since you don’t have the skills and confidence to do otherwise.  You have had to settle for less than you deserve, mainly because your methods are ineffectual and often have the opposite effect and drive opportunity and people away. 

I would guess that you probably don’t accept that it is the other people’s problems and situations that make your life bad.  It is easier for you to accept (settle) for the perceived flaws in others than to look inward. But the hard reality is it is your actions and beliefs that have created your situation.

In reality, I don’t know you, but I was you, and you are probably quick to anger and judge harshly, but also… 

Some Not so Nice Guy Traits:

You hide mistakes, and justify actions that are not justifiable (over eating, reckless spending, violence, addictions, infidelity).

You probably go one of two ways with your health, no real middle ground, you are either overweight, possibly obese or uber fit and hyper aware of your health and appearance. 

You are a coward (too strong?  Then, you avoid conflicts mental, verbal and physical confrontation at all costs (i.e. coward)).

You may give and donate, but are not charitable since you seek return in some way, shape, or form and keep a mental tally sheet or even sometimes even a paper or electronic tab. 

You (and remember, I don’t know you, but I’ve come to know myself) operate from a platform of jealousy and lack. 

Your day and life is driven by finding new ways to get your needs met externally, usually through seeking praise, money or sexual stimulation, through subtly, coercion and/or forced gratitude. 

Sounds like you’re a real jerk, huh? Yup we are, or I was, and you are.

There is a reason, nice guys finish last

Stick around, we are here to help! More tips on becoming a good guy instead of a nice guy who finishes last


The (Un)settled Man


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